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Searching for a home?  I have added a new search feature which has a notifier built in!  Simply complete and submit the form on my 'Listing Notifier' page and you will be able to define your search based on YOUR specific criteria.  No more wading through endless homes that don't interest you.  Also, this will update you on new listings that I have.  Now you can focus on the other things in your life and let me do the searching for you!

 This is a great addition to the page and I'm sure all you home buyers will enjoy the freedom this offers you.  You can get to my listing notifier through the menu on the left of my page, through the link I have added to 'My Listings', or HERE

So with this addition to my site I offer the following ways to ease the search for your new home: 

-Browse my listings

-www.soldbyjen.ca LISTING NOTIFIER/ADVANCED SEARCH feature

-Realtor.ca listing notifier (you need to speak to me to be on this...its a great feature that puts you a day or two ahead of the MLS listings that show up on the website...giving you a headstart on everyone else.  This also can be defined to your specific criteria and will save you time wading through unwanted listings.)

-Pocket Listings (these are homes for sale that are not listed anywhere but the vendor is interested in having prospective buyers in with a real estate agent such as myself...again, pocket listings are not visible anywhere, and if I did have any, you would have to speak to me directly)

-My 'SEARCH BY MAP' page lets you search my listings by location 

-Facebook.  My facebook page has all my new listings posted...join it for the inside scoop

-Helpful hints and early notifications of listing on MY BLOG 

-My newspaper ad

-My personal and professional guidance (many people have searched for a long time, but once they start working with someone like myself find that a professional understands the market and is better able to assist them.  Believe me, if you think you can find a home by watching MLS/Realtor.ca you will probably miss out on the perfect home.

---and countless other ways, of course.

Call me today so you can take advantage of everything 'SOLD BY JEN' has to offer you when buying or selling a home.  DON'T MISS OUT!









Published Wednesday, January 19, 2011 8:56 AM by Jennifer Jones


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