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Think anyone can sell your home? Think again!

Just because your home is in Sackville, Port Elgin, Upper Cape or anywhere in this great area, does that mean you should market to buyers in this area alone??? No, today's real estate market is global...many of my buyers see my listings on the various websites I have them posted.  It is no longer acceptable to think that one website is sufficient coverage!  Some agents and private sale companies believe that putting your home on the internet means simply one website, but that isn't the case.  My listings are advertised on dozens of website all over the world giving maximum exposure and the results are obvious.  Each week I get email inquiries on my listings from all over the world for people interested in moving to our wonderful area.  If your home is listed on a private sale site...are you getting emails everyday?  It isn't enough just to put your home on the internet, you have to be on a recognized site.  Finally, I have made myself available for contact and connection in many locations as well.  If you haven't been to my Contact Me page, maybe now is a good time!  Besides having the internationally recognized brand name behind me of Coldwell Banker, the dozens of websites I advertise on and the traditional forms of advertising and contact information (newspaper, cell phones, etc), you can also follow me on Facebook and join my network on LinkedIn. It takes more than a funky sign and a few pictures to attract interested buyers and I do much more to help bring buyers and sellers together. 

Are you getting that kind of service on your private sale or just a sign and a picture on the internet?  Call me.....93 current active listings in my portfolio now means I must be doing something right!


Published Tuesday, June 22, 2010 8:12 AM by Jennifer Jones


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