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"THE PRIVATE SALE HASSLE" Thinking of buying or selling privately? Maybe you should read this recent letter from a client...

Are you considering selling your home or buying a new one and you thought maybe privately was the way to go?  Or maybe you want to try one of those private sale "guys" that helps you out by charging you a fee and selling you a very expensive sign but then disappear after the cheque is cashed?  Think again...this letter says exactly what I have been hearing over and over again from clients that found the hassle and lack of representation to be too much work.  It might surprise you to find out that many home buyers and vendors appreciate the "anonymity" that having an agent represent them affords when it comes to negotiating and working out a contract is concerned.  It's not just a 'handshake contract' anymore...you have to protect yourself and that is where I come in.....

Please note that the letter below has had some details such as dates, addresses and search information removed to protect the privacy of the writer, but it IS a real letter received very recently from a current client that has given up the idea of dealing with the "private sale hassle".  I look forward to working with this new client and finding her the perfect home to suit her needs and wants!

Hi Jen,

I really appreciate your emails which are very informative and useful 
in taking into consideration all the aspects of buying, but also 
issues concerning home ownership, moving etc. There was one recently 
called 'Is this the right time to buy' and it hit the nail right on 
the head.

I recently have just gone through a little saga of my own in which I 
considered property that was a private sale. It hasn't gone well, 
although I've learned a ton in the process. Not the least of which is 
that I won't be going down that road again (no pun intended) and would 
be happy to work with you exclusively to find a home that I'll be 
happy in. You've come highly recommended as well through local folks 
I've met, which I also wanted to pass along! This listing was just 
something that had popped up a little unexpectedly, and in going 
through the process of negotiating, and inspecting etc. I now truly 
appreciate all the work that you do and how valuable that support and 
knowledge is in finding a home, not just a place to keep out of the 
weather and store things!...

...I know that I'm not the  first to fall in love with Sackville and uproot to move there and am 
so excited about the future there. I just love love it there!

Take care, and hopefully we'll speak soon,


Published Friday, July 30, 2010 8:07 AM by Jennifer Jones


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