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The Next Big Thing In Selling Your Home Is Here!

Getting your home marketed to the most buyers has never been more important than now, and I have the tools to make it happen...  From now on, my listings will be added to YouTube.  I continue to do the virtual tour slideshows, but this next step allows me to produce a video of your home so prospective buyers will be able to tour your home without ever leaving theirs!  Today, most of my buyers are coming from the internet and most of them are from out of town, province, and even out of country.  If you consider that the pictures and tours are the only product representation that may be available to them, then it makes the most sense to give them everything we can!

 www.youtube.com is a huge sensation filled with millions of videos and watched by millions of people every day .  So it makes sense that we also draw from that.  In addition to that Coldwell Banker has its own channel on YouTube dedicated to the presentation of your homes!   My understanding is that this channel is the busiest of all the available virtual channels on the site...and for good reason...people love real estate and now they can shop for a home from their living room

 So I have jumped at this new technology as I feel it is one of the best marketing tools for homes that has come along in a while.  My first video has been added.  You can go to http://www.youtube.com/coldwellbanker  and  use the map to find Sackville or simply put Sackville into the search bar and this will also take you there...after that you will see my video (many many more to come, I assure you).  Don't forget to bookmark this because you will want to watch it every day to see new home videos.  In addition to add to its exposure, you can see it through www.realtor.com (MLS); my website will also be providing links; and I will be putting them onto my Facebook page as well... 

Check out my video here 

That is a lot of marketing and a lot of extra work for me, but I want to do it..because selling your home is my number one priority and I believe this is the answer...

Call if you want your home to get this kind of exposure or are looking to sell.

ps.  current clients, don't worry...I am making my way around to get videos of ALL my home listings  :) 







Published Tuesday, February 16, 2010 8:15 AM by Jennifer Jones


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