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Don't be mislead by the media!

I am finding the market to be very busy despite reports you may be hearing.  I realize the media has been indicating a significantly slower market, but 2009 was my biggest year ever and the final quarter ended with fireworks for many of my clients!  Even homes that had been taking longer than usual to sell found happy buyers and successfully changed hands, (or soon will). 

I still have buyers looking and I know that many of you have mentioned waiting until the market improves or until spring, but I have buyers looking ALL THE TIME.  This means, that if you are trying to "play the market", you are missing out!  Many sellers who took my advice, listed for fair market value and waited for the right buyer, have seen a worthwhile response despite the economic slow-down.  PLUS, we are now being told that the down-turn is coming to an end and sales are going to increase again....

Thanks in part to my marketing, and to my loyal buyers and sellers, 2010 promises to be very, very busy. I have buyers contacting me all the time from out of province and country waiting for the right home, maybe the next buyer will want yours?  Remember, if its listed on my website, buyers can see it and it will get better exposure than just a sign on the lawn.

 Call me, if you are thinking of listing...I only show homes listed on MLS and homes on my website get maximum exposure!  I look forward to hearing from you.


Published Thursday, January 14, 2010 10:54 AM by Jennifer Jones


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